Webcam platforms are a good way to put together people searching for adult content and live experience.

The history of webcam platform is back in 1996, with, a very basic  video service with pay per phone connection. Nowadays, in 2019, the market is a mature one, with professional webcam platforms being developed every year.

The key-players are: Livejasmin, Streamate, Imlive, Chaturbate, Myfreecams, Xlove, Adultwork. Beside these, there are arround 100 small platforms, niched platformes and affiliates.

As an exemple, Streamate shows a 1,2 Billion USD business revenue in 2017 in it’s financial reports. Webmastering is also a big market, with more than 100.000 whilelabels and affiliates websites.

AMP is the key partner in this business, offering the platform, the connections with the models/studios, tools for promoting the platform,  access to traffic agencies, management and support for the business.

Technical – AVANTECH 2.0

A platform runs as a website and it is hosted on a cluster of servers. Hosting, streaming, database, storage, firewall, loadballancer.

The activity is based on a pay per minute or pay per view system.

The model/performer is broadcasting video and audio from his home/studio to the webcam platform and has a set of prices based on the rate per minute and set value of tips.

The model is uploading streaming data, the member is downloading data.

Professional cameras or simple webcams can be used in streaming process.


A broadband internet service is mandatory for the model to be able to stream flowless.The member is able to freechat, private chat, tip the performer and also broadcast his own camera. The member loads money in his account, wich he will use to tip/ask private with models.

The model will receive percentaje from these payments, according to the rules you set in platform. The administrator of the platform is in control if everything.

The business

Running a webcam plaftorm is one of the most profitable small business in the world.

The key factor is that adult industry is a very stable business because it uses primary human needs: sex and romance.

Members are paying for the service, models are receiving their share, the owner of the platform is paid from the remaining percentaje.

Average price per minute is 2 dollars and can go up to 6 dollars.
Average percentage per model is 40 %

Some math, after 3 year of platform running.
A platform with 500 models streaming non stop and 1000 paying members for 24 hours /day . They spend average 1$ / min. (Private or tips)

Every hour of streaming gains gross revenue of 60.000 $ X 24 = 1.4 mil $ / day
Afilliates and webmasters are paid 20% from a 50% member ratio aquisition estimation. An estimation = 10% of total income.

From the gross income we will deduct legal taxes and commisions from the card processing partners wich are arround 10% at this business level.
Models are paid 40%, afiliates 10%, card processor 10% = 1.400.000 - 60% = 560.000 $ (gross daily owner income)


Monthly calculus:

Total monthly expenses – 46.500 $

Profit estimation after a 3 year platform operation :

Monthly net profit is: 16.800.000 – 46.500 = 16.753.500 $

Total business income: 42.000.000 X 12 = 504.000.000 $

Yearly profit is : 16.753.500 X 12 = 201.042.000 $

Business profit rate is: 40%

This estimation is made by direct study of Livejasmin, Streamate and Chaturbate platforms.


1. Servers, configurations, security, hosting, tech- support = 8000 $
2. Platform = 50.0000 - 100.000 $ (private and tips) with mobile support+licence.
3. Payment systems = 2000 $
4. Support for members and models = 3000 $/ month
5. Office = 2000 $ /month
6. Development and SEO = 2000 $ / month

After 6 month of operations:
1000+ members registered
10 nonstop paying members X 1 $ / min
Income: 432.000 $/ month – 60% = 172.800 $ (after payouts to models and affiliates)
Profit: 172.800 – 80.000 $( operational expenses) = 92.800 $ / month
BREAK – EVEN: 6 month


ready to use

servers for 1 year

Support for models and members
for 3 months

AVANTECH 2.0 modules and features

Technologies we use:

  • Server-side code is written in Java
  • Chat application is built on HTML with use of WebSocket
  • Video streaming is based on h264 video
  • Flash Player is used for broadcasting from models
  • On customer-end can be used Flash Player or HTML page
  • Web pages are based on JSP and code is opened for changes
  • Database: MySQL
  • Streaming server: Red5 / Adobe Server Professional
  • Video conferencing is secured and protected from possible attack
  • Mobile devices supported (additional module)

General services:

  • Real time video chat conferencing with small latency
  • Quality of video is adjustable
  • No need to download for both model and customer, works directly from any Web Browser, even mobile
  • Integrated billing
  • Tips and per-minute billing
  • Built-in affiliate program for: webmasters, models and for customers
  • Private and public video/photo gallery
  • Every paid  video chat session is saved as video
  • Blocking by a country or a city
  • Option for models to sell videos


Frontend - advanced search

Frontend Jasmin style

Frontend Chaturbate style

Models area:

  • High quality, fast and professional chat application
  • Video/audio and text chat
  • 1 free and 3 paid modes: group, private and voyeur chat
  • Ability to receive tips from customers
  • Option to set room topic
  • Gold chat
  • Emoticons
  • Kick/Ban customer from chat session
  • H264 video chat
  • Manage own profile: change personal information, interests
  • The view of Earnings and visits statistic for selected period
  • The view of all payment transactions for a period
  • Detailed statistics of time spent in each chat mode
  • Nude and Public photo/video gallery management
  • Change own pricing for paid mode
  • Can use video chat directly from any browser at any Operation System

Client area:

  • Join page
  • List of all models registered in the system
  • List of online models available right now
  • Free area and members’ area
  • Ability to view model’s profile: personal information, public and nude photos, public and nude videos.
  • Add funds page
  • Transactions reports
  • Paid sessions and tips report
  • View of online video in Free, Private, VIP or Voyeur modes
  • Add to Favorits models.

Administration control panel:

  • Total and daily money earnings, customers joined, billed and spent time info
  • Real-time stats on who is currently located on the site and whom he is watching now.
  • Customers management
  • Block/Unblock by IP, country, city or region
  • Performers management: view/change personal info, manage photos, manage videos, enable/disable, manage per minute rates, allow/deny free chat and set up commission
  • Logs of chat with videos of paid sessions
  • The view stats of visits, unique visits and earnings by performer for period
  • Detailed list of all transactions in the system
  • Default rates for paid video for all modes
  • Webmasters’ management
  • Adjustable commission for webmasters
  • Ability to make website mirrors with personal look & feel
  • Assign categories for each mirror, you can make girls’ and boys’ site and fix the categories for every site
  • Export of reports to Excell file for analyse
  • History of all text chats
  • Video conferencing logs are saved FLV format
  • Can set kbps rates for each mode Public/Private/VIP chat, can adjust show of video/text in free modes
  • USC 2257 Compliance support

Affiliates area:

  • View/change personal profile
  • Reporting: visits, unique visits, money earned and refunds
  • List of announcements
  • List of campaigns
  • Detailed statistic per each campaign of visits, unique visits, money earned and refunds
  • Code for banner to add into your own site
  • Detailed transactions report for a period

Manager interface

Manager interface - menu

For detailed informations, please feel free to contact AMP using the following:

Email:  or

Address: Calea Rahovei 266-268, Electromagnetica Business Park, Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +40721 452 484

Skype: ampcreativestudios - Application dedicated page (EN) – Agency website (studios and models)

Dedicated contact person: Ing. Bogdan Dumitrescu – AMP consultant